How long will it take to build my new home?


At our first sit down meeting this is a question that almost always comes up. Here is the breakdown for the time frames.

We are a Design-Build company and every plan we draw is unique for our clients.

The drawing time is split into two areas:

Plans for you project and construction documents

Plans for you project and construction documents

Schematic Drawings or Design Drawings Time frame: 30 to 60 days

This is a one sheet plan with the site plan floor plan and front elevation on it. This drawing can take some back and forth with the client, and takes two or three meetings to get to the final version.

Construction Documents Time Frame: 30 to 60 days

Pate & Associates will use the Schematic Drawings and produce working drawings and drawings that we can get appraised and use to apply for city permits.

These drawings will include the following drawings:

Overall Site Plan
Exterior Elevations Plan
Dimensioned Floor Plan
Finishes Plan
Reflected Ceiling Plan
Electrical Plan
Interior Elevations Plan
Roof Plan
Mechanical Plan
Structural Concrete Plan

Estimates and Contracts Time Frame: 15 to 30 days

During this phase Texas Classic Homes will prepare the final estimate for your home and prepare the contracts for the client.  We will secure construction financing or you the client will get that financing.  The first appraisal of the home will be done to secure that financing.  If the home is to be bought cash then no appraisal is required.

Construction of the your new home Time Frame: 150 to 270 days

Concrete pour on one of our projects.

Concrete pour on one of our projects.

This is where the real action happens.  The home will be permitted after the contracts are signed and we will begin construction.  Selections for the finishes will be made and Texas Classic Homes will build the home we have worked together to design.  This time will vary greatly because of where the home is located and the size and scale of the home.  Also this time can vary due to weather and scheduling.  At the end of this time we will have a closing at the title company and the home will be yours!

That was a long explanation to how long will it take to build my home.  But let’s recap the shortest time frame is 225 days and the longest time frame is 420 days.  Now these are just where most of the homes we build fit.  There are homes Texas Classic Homes has built that have taken less time as well as homes that have taken longer time.  

Finished home ready for you to move in!

Finished home ready for you to move in!

Hope this has been helpful to your understanding the process of how a home is built by Texas Classic Homes.

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