What are your resolutions for the new year?

Do you have some great resolutions for the new year?

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I can tell you,  I have some resolutions. 

  • Blog more constantly, I must thank all of you my readers for the success of Floor Plan Friday's. I really makes me want to blog more and give you guys the best content we can.
  • Ok, now for the normal stuff. I could write down a whole bunch of stuff but I thought I would point you to these written some Seventy Years ago by Woody Guthrie.

33.  Wake Up And Fight

32.  Make Up Your Mind

31.  Love Everybody

30.  Love Pete

29.  Love Papa

28.  Love Mama

27.  Help Win War — Beat Fascism

26.  Dance Better

25.  Play And Sing Good

24.  Send Mary And Kids Money

23.  Have Company But Don't Waste Time

22.  Save Dough

21.  Bank All Extra Money

20.  Dream Good

19.  Keep Hoping Machine Running

18.  Stay Glad

17.  Don't Get Lonesome

16.  Keep Rancho Clean

15.  Learn People Better

14.  Listen To Radio A Lot

13.  Read Lots Good Books

12   Change Bed Clothes Often

11.  Change Socks

10.  Shine Shoes

9.    Wear Clean Clothes 

8.    Write A Song A Day

7.    Drink Very Scant If Any

6.    Eat Good — Fruit — Vegetables — Milk

5.    Take Bath

4.    Shave

3.    Wash Teeth If Any

2.    Work By A Schedule

1.    Work More And Better

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/woody-guthries-new-years-resolutions-2013-12#ixzz2p4LNMnVV


Have a happy  and safe New Year. See you Next Year!!

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