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Spring Maintenance Checklist

TCH Spring Maintenance CHECKLIST & Suggestions

Regular maintenance keeps your home functioning efficiently and safely. Home care needs change depending on the season. Changes in seasons my not be as dramatic here as they are in other parts of the country, but they do happen.

This is a Spring Maintenance Checklist and a few Suggestions to help keep your home running well inside and out.

 Spring (March 20th – June 21st)

  •  Prune tree branches and shrubs that have grown too close to your roof or home.
  •  Check and repair any exterior caulking that has deteriorated.
  •  Check fences and gates. Replace any damaged parts and lubricate hardware.
  •  Adjust and reprogram automatic sprinkler system for spring and summer growing season. Check and repair damaged sprinkler heads. Adjust sprinkler heads for full coverage.

TIP: Schedule your sprinkler system to run at night. This will help reduce excessive water evaporation during the heat of the day. This also saves on your monthly water bill.

  •  Vacuum clean window tracks. Insure that “weep holes” at the bottom of your windows are clear.
  •  Before peak use periods, schedule yearly professional maintenance and “tune up” on your air conditioning system.
  •  Adjust your programmable thermostat for seasonal changes in time and temperature.
  •  Reset automatic timers on light fixtures for the longer times of daylight.
  •  Vacuum clean air supply and return air registers to remove dust and lint.
  •  Keep areas around air conditioning and heating system equipment (including condenser) clean.
  •  Check your water heater for leaks and corrosion. After consulting your owner’s manual, flush out deposits and sediment.
  •  Check drain pans and drain lines for water heaters and furnace. Clean out any debris.
  •  Check and clean range hood filters.
  •  Every three months, replace return air filters for air conditioning and heating systems.

TIP: Clean filters will increase system efficiency, improve comfort, and help to lower your energy bills.

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